How much do you owe the IRS for your Holiday Dinner?


During the holidays, it is not uncommon for employers to reward their employees with gift cards to purchase a turkey, ham or some other food items for a holiday dinner. In the “olden” days, companies used to distribute turkeys or hams, but no more. Not surprising, this tradition generated assorted legal claims: Religious discrimination (Giving

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Entrepreneur News Update


Does Free Speech Apply To My Business? With the very public dispute between Disney and the governor of Florida, our office has received questions as to what type of protections entrepreneurs and businesses have when they take positions on public or legislative issues.

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Stimulus to the Rescue?!


Stimulus to the Rescue? Just like Superman flying to the rescue, the federal government has issued a $2,000,000,000,000.00 ($2 Trillion) stimulus package. Now all is right in the world, rainbows fill the sky and unicorns are running across the land. (Cue laughter.) We will be sending you a series of articles

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Can an employer ban fraternization (dating) in the work place?


“In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” ― Alfred Tennyson, Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson Perhaps this quote is a little out of date (since Tennyson died in 1892) and more than a little sexist in today’s society, but very relevant to this question. With the increasing numbers

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Welcome to a New Year and a New Decade!


Even though the news may be filled with stories of impeachment, who insulted who and which Twitter feed was the most offensive as Entrepreneurs the world continues to go on and these are just distractions that keep us from achieving our goals. With the challenges in finding employees, many of us turned to

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Time to do away with the Christmas Bonus!


With the Holidays fast approaching, one challenge every entrepreneur faces is the dreaded Christmas bonus. No matter how well intentioned, someone, somewhere complains about their bonus. One of the most common complaints about Christmas bonuses (other than the amount) is having to pay taxes on it. Getting a “net check” for a Christmas

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Whose your favorite Uncle?


With the holidays fast approaching many of us will be dealing with relatives coming to visit. Unfortunately for every entrepreneur there is an Uncle who shows up all the time, tells you how to run your business, takes money from you almost every day and watches everything you do. His name is Uncle

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Overtime Pay Change


The Federal Government (You know those people that are here to help you!) have made changes to the overtime rules which take effect as of January 1, 2020. For “white collar” employees, “pencil pushers” and managers who receive a salary but not overtime, they must now be paid $684.00 per week or $35,568

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