Philip James Addis

Attorney and Founder

William Josten

Legal Assistant

Wyatt Fowler

Legal Assistant

Phillip James Addis

Attorney and Founder

In order to advise people, you have to understand the problems they face and what they are going through. Though I have done many different types of law throughout my career, my main focus has been helping small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Over the years, I have owned and operated a restaurant and bar, a retail store, a messenger business, a real estate development company, an escrow company, a title company, and a basket business. I have restored several historic residential and commercial buildings.

I’ve even served as elected official on the city council for many years in my hometown, plus I have served on various boards and commissions in excess of 20 years. Over the years, I have also served on many not-for-profit boards and commissions.

All of these opportunities have also allowed me to serve as a speaker on numerous topics including business development, tourism, how to work with government, construction law, and historic renovation.

All of these experiences have helped me develop relationships throughout the country and a better understanding of what my clients face. It is leveraging this knowledge and experience that I have gained which enables me to help my clients achieve their goals.


State Bar of Wisconsin

State Bar of Minnesota

Iowa State Bar Association

Member, Downtown Main Street, Inc.

City of La Crosse Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors

City of La Crosse Convention Center

Former member – City Council of the City of La Crosse

Former Chairperson and Member La Crosse Redevelopment Authority

Former Chairperson and Member La Crosse Convention and Visitors Bureau

Former Chairperson City of La Crosse Finance and Personnel Committee

Former President and Board Member of La Crosse Festivals, Inc. – Oktoberfest USA

William JostenLegal Assistant
Background and Experience

A proud graduate of William Fremd High School in 2019, William Josten furthered his academic journey at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, where he attained a B.S. in Political Science with Honors. His dedication wasn’t limited to academics alone; he also showcased his athletic prowess by being recognized as an All-WIAC Tight End.

William’s professional journey has led him to his current role as a Legal Assistant, supporting Attorney Addis. His responsibilities encompass answering phone calls, communicating with clients, drafting critical documents, and managing various office tasks. One of William’s notable achievements during his tenure has been the enhancement of office efficiency by meticulously reorganizing our document filing system.

What adds a touch of warmth to William’s professional role is his love for human interactions. Talking to clients and colleagues over the phone isn’t just a task for him; it’s an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s day.

Personal Insights

Driven by his professional aspirations, William has his sights set on attending law school. He hopes to further hone his skills and become a distinguished real estate and estate planning attorney.

Away from the office desk, William is a passionate outdoorsman, rooting for the Cubs and Bears in his free time and cherishing moments spent with family. He’s also an active member of the Catholic Church, Ducks Unlimited, and the UWL Alumni Association. As someone who has consistently showcased a blend of academic brilliance, professional commitment, and personal passions, William Josten truly stands out in the legal realm.

Wyatt FowlerLegal Assistant
Wyatt Fowler is a dedicated Legal Assistant at Addis Law, where he is instrumental in ensuring the day-to-day operations of the office run smoothly. Passionate about the legal field and driven by his innate curiosity, Wyatt aspires to attend law school in the future and expand his horizons in the legal realm.

Background and Experience

Wyatt is an alumnus of Auburndale High School, graduating in 2019. Furthering his academic pursuits, he attended the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. Here, he distinguished himself by earning a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. Moreover, he graduated with honors, showcasing his dedication and commitment to his field.

Role at Addis Law:
In his current role at Addis Law, Wyatt wears multiple hats. He is responsible for a gamut of tasks ranging from liaising with clients, drafting critical documents, managing phone calls and emails, to various other assignments.

Professional Passions:
Wyatt harbors a dream of attending law school and envisions a future occupation that allows him to explore various parts of the US. This aspiration stems from his desire to delve deeper into the law and his penchant for traveling.

Personal Insights

For Wyatt, life is not all work. When he is not immersed in his professional duties, he is an avid bass fishing enthusiast. He cherishes these moments of tranquility and connection with nature. Additionally, he often travels back home to collaborate on various projects with his family, strengthening the bonds of kinship.

His passion for law and his dedication to both personal and professional growth make Wyatt Fowler an invaluable asset to Addis Law and a promising figure in the future of legal practice.


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